40 Autobiography Example & Template

Writing your autobiography example, can be a reflection to improve yourself and inspire others. If you need more information about this, check out this article. Everyone must have had an interesting experience in their life. The number of twists and turns of life when going through difficult times, sadness, happiness, to the success he has achieved in the present, becomes very interesting if written in a note.

Autobiography is text which contains about experiences to history or a person’s life journey from children to the present, which is written someone. This life experience can be in the form of stories about failure to success that have been experienced. Writing an autobiography is very beneficial for both yourself and others.

Through autobiography, a person can treat memories of events he has gone through and share experiences with others. So, how do you write an autobiography example that is correct and interesting?


Autobiography Example for Your Knowledge

The first things when you make to an autobiography you have to do a research in detail the happen in your life you wish to write about. Then, enter the most needed or interesting moment with dates that you has in your life. Some things that you should write when making an autobiography are family history, important experiences of childhood, adolescence, and stories during education.

It will be even more important to make an autobiography example if you will show the major events which happen in your lifetime. Every important and unforgettable moment always has a main character who can do a lot of story. This main person can come from family, such as parents, children or wife, and other close relatives.

Apart from that, It possible if you include also the most influential figures who have inspired you during your life,explaining the main person also quite necessary to write in an autobiography. it is because it can drive an interesting storyline.

In fact, if you have enemies, it will be even more interesting because there is bound to have problems in them. At first glance, autobiographies and biographies sound the same. Apparently, both have differences that lie in their authors. The following is the explanation.

An autobiography example is a life story of a character written by a character in the biography itself. The language style in the autobiography uses first person language. In addition to providing information about the life story of a character, in an autobiography the writer can also express his personal feelings. A biography is a moment of someone’s life written by someone else

Tips to Make Good Autobiography

They are Several Tips to Make Good Autobiography :

Select Important Events

The first things to make this text are to choose the events that are need to be pay attention to your life. The reason is, if you tell all the moment that you have experienced will be very long and tedious. Therefore, you should choose the story that is most important and interesting to tell.

There are several topics that usually interest readers, such as traumatic experiences from childhood, stories about reaching adulthood, and unique stories about the first time you fell in love. Some of these moment can be a special attraction for people who read and also if you willing to publish them into a book.

Just Be yourself

One reason someone reads an autobiography is to gain insight into what it feels like to be someone else. Therefore, try to use the language or writing style used in making the autobiography example according to your own character.

Write like you’re opening your heart to a trusted friend, in clear, strong language, and don’t use too much vocabulary that you rarely use. In addition, you also need to show your true personality or character consistently. This is necessary to do so that readers can really know your life history.

Honest and Open

Autobiography is when the writer discloses events that he has experienced honestly and openly. Although not explicit, it is very important for you to be honest about the various events as a whole. Share all the strengths and weaknesses you have so readers can identify and draw inspiration from the moment in your life. To be honest and open when making an autobiography is one of the keys to making your writing have traction.

So there is no need to only highlight or portray good characters that are far from weaknesses. The reason is, many readers take inspiration from various events that you have experienced, such as the bitter experience while struggling for life’s success.

Autobiography Sample

Autobiography Example Structure

The following are several autobiography example structures, namely as follows: Family’s background. This form contains about the family, namely father and mother, date of birth, and place of residence, the child to what extent and narrating his family.

Educational background

This form tells of the education that has been reached up to now along with the year and name of the school and preceded by a new paragraph. Achievement Background This form contains about all the performance that has been achieved since childhood until now.

Work Background

If the activist has worked then write it down, but if he is a student then this form can be eliminated. This form is mainly for those who have worked and for students so this form can be eliminated. Autobiography example will explain about this.

Autobiography Example Characteristics

The following are some of the characteristics of an autobiography sample, which are as follows:• Recorded according to the dimensions of the person spoken.

  • Recorded so that other people review the profile
  • Recorded so that other people understand the path of life.
  • Confidential personal data because it is recorded by the person himself
  • Profiles are recorded according to the knowledge of his lifetime

Autobiographical Example Purpose

The following are some of the objectives of the autobiography example, namely as follows: Promote yourself as being very detailed to other people. Delivering stories, studies and inspirational life in a way that a person can succeed in the aspects they are currently working on, be it in the profession, business, state administration or other fields. A person’s visualization material

Benefits of Autobiography Example

The following are some of the benefits of an autobiography, which are as follows:

  • As a reflection to understand the past better.
  • Help you to move on from bad events in the past.
  • Know how other people perceive you.
  • Be aware of changes in yourself from year to year.
  • Look at past mistakes and fix them.

There are explanations about autobiography example. Do you interested to make autobiography? Hope this article is useful for you.