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Biography Template: Have you ever read a Biography text? Biography generally tell about the journey of a person’s life from childhood to died. Actually what is a biography and how to explain in more detail. Check out the following article for those of you who are curious about what a biography is.

Biography is a text that shows about life story of someone who is famous or has an inspiring story in his or her life. Biography texts so popular in the 5th century BC.The content of the biography includes the background of a character, starting from his birth, education, family, achievements, and his role in certain fields that let him known by other people. Not only that, even the ideas and actions of the characters are described in detail in the biography template.

Purpose of Biography Text

There is always a reason behind action. Biographers certainly have a goal in writing a biography that discusses a person. The person in a biography are not just people. Surely he has experiences and life stories that can provide lessons for a lot of people. Below are some of the goals biography text:

  • Provide education to readers about things that can be exemplified from a person’s life story
  • Provides information about the struggles behind a person’s success
  • Provide inspiration to readers through the stories of the characters raised so that they are more enthusiastic about achieving goals
  • Provides new and different insights
  • As a medium to get to know more about the life of the highlighted character
  • Provide motivation to readers to stay upright through all the obstacles in life A biographical text does not have to fulfill all of the above purposes, one more is enough. This happens because sometimes a biographical text is only written to fulfill one or several purposes, not all of them.

Characteristics in Biography

Similar to other literary works, there are certain characteristics that distinguish biography template from other texts. Here are some characteristics or person and uniqueness of biographies that you can use to distinguish them from other literary works.

  • Provide factual information about a character who is told in narrative form
  • Give the story of a person’s life and matters, to his struggles and journey so that he can achieve success
  • Composed of a neat structure, including orientation, problem or event, and reorientation
  • Contains linguistic elements, such as conjunctions, verbs, reference words, time, activity, and place
  • The development pattern in biographical writing is chronological
  • The characters covered in the biography can be depicted directly or indirectly
  • Contains the impression and moral message of the character being reviewed to the reader

A biography does not have to fulfill all the characteristics mentioned above. However, the more complete the characteristics, the more complete the biography text will be. You can see biography everywhere and easy to find it. Many text about this.

Biography Text Type

There are many types of biography template  that exist around us. In fact, without realizing it, maybe we already know and read some of these types of texts in our daily lives. Generally, biographies are differentiated based on who wrote them, the content written, who published them, whether they have been given permission, and the issues raised.

Types of Biography Based on the Author

At first glance, autobiographies and biographies sound the same. Apparently, both have differences that lie in their authors. The following types of biographies are based on the author, namely.


An autobiography is a life story of a character written by a character in the biography template itself. The language style in the autobiography uses first person language. In addition to providing information about the life story of a character, in an autobiography the writer can also express his personal feelings.


A biography is a story of someone’s life written by other person. Before writing a biography, the writer must have the permission of the character being reviewed. In biographers, the writer generally puts himself in the third person. Before writing a biography, it is necessary to collect information from various sources, both from the character concerned, books, the character’s family, and people related to the character first.

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Structure of Biographical Text

In writing a biography template that is good and easy to understand, generally the writer uses a certain structure. The structure that is often used is as below:


This section is the opening of the character’s story told by the author. Generally, readers will be explained about the background of the characters, the background of the situation, and also other backgrounds. This orientation plays an important role in providing the reader with a context regarding the origin of the character and the conditions that the character is experiencing. Writing a good orientation can seem to bring the reader into the world of the characters being told.

Problems or Events

This section is the main things about biography template, where the storyline has entered into the problems or events experienced by the main character. This section contains the beginning of the problem, solving it, until the impact that is felt after the problem is resolved. In addition, in this section, the writer also writes down other impressions that can be felt from the character as well as what lessons the character begins to realize.

Generally, this section will tell a lot about the events that made this character widely known by the surrounding community. An example is when JK. Rowling went bankrupt and ended up writing the Harry Potter novels, or when Steve Jobs started Apple with Wozniack and several other friends, or when Karl Benz first introduced cars in Germany.

These moments are memorable and spectacular moments that become the center of attention of the story. This moment can also provide inspiration and a sense of admiration to the readers. So, they can later get good moral messages from the character’s story.


This section is an optional closing section, meaning that it is permissible to write it down, but if it is not written it is fine. This section contains the views of the author or other figures on the characters narrated in the biography template. This section also contains conclusions from the contents of the biography drawn by the author himself as well as a summary of the moral messages that the author may try to convey.

There are explanation about biography template, hope this article is useful.