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Do you know what is creative brief ? Creative briefs are documents that professionals and agencies use as a first step towards creating creative projects. Actually this document is very important to help marketing strategy. If you want to know more detail about this, please look at the following article.

A creative brief is a document that professionals and agencies use as a first step towards creating creative projects . This is very helpful the creative team but will also help us when shaping the strategy of the whole project. If everyone on the project knows what they are doing and, most importantly, knows why they are doing it, the creative process will lead to a better end result.

Develop a Creative Brief process in Marketing

The advertisement and campaign are expected to make increase audience awareness of the product or service and also increase sales. However, without written directions or guidelines for carrying out the project will make the creative team not understand the client’s goals and desires.

That’s where the creative brief is really necessary. The creative brief contains a summary of the product or service and all matters related to the product or service. This is needed because it will affect the creative process of making the ad or campaign.

Creative Brief

Creative Brief Sample

Objectives of  Creative Brief

At the most basic level, creative brief provides the information needed by the creative team to determine their next work process and information on the deadlines given by the client for the project. The task of each team member for the project, information about the client, and the project budget are also listed in it as a basic requirement for the project creation process.

Summary of project objectives

Write a summary of common project goals, so you can think broadly and come up with big ideas. For example, what is the main purpose of creating advertisements in digital media? The summary should contain one long paragraph including brief details about the client’s product or service. References from previous projects and about competitor design work can also help inspire to create ideas and ideas that define client needs.

Reaching target audience

Target audience profile for creative brief, by using demographic data to broaden the team’s understanding of advertisements designed to achieve the goal of capturing more target audiences. Define the type of target product or service targets, including occupation, number of families, gender, age, and also income.

Getting the expected goals

Advertising companies Indonesia as a team working with clients must address the desired goals of the project and what is required to achieve these goals. A successful brief is looking for ways to build a good relationship between the product or service and the consumer. Determine what messages you want to convey to consumers so that the project data hits the target.

Giving results as expected

Show results that match the expectations and goals of the client to create the ad. Whether the client is entering a new market, so the purpose of the advertisement is to introduce the product to the target audience or just to remind the product or service. Basically, a creative brief is the basic thing that is done in an Indonesian advertising company.

The creative brief is important enough so that the advertisement produced is in accordance with the needs and desires of the client for these products and services. The brief is made to facilitate the creation of the advertisement so that the message will be conveyed properly to the target audience.

The creative brief given to advertising companies cannot be underestimated because it is a process where the advertising company will recognize the product or service it wants to advertise and the wishes of the ad maker, so that the results will be appropriate and right on target and can achieve success.

The Relationship of Creative Brief and Marketing

The advertising strategy is clearly defined to stimulate the big goals outlined in the creative summary or creative brief that the agency creates in creating the ad. Creative summaries are a bridge between advertising strategy and advertising creativity, creative summaries represent the current situation, competition, market conditions and media considerations.

The summary becomes a living strategy and provides the creative team with important insights to define the strategy and determine the main sales idea, which will become the central theme of the advertising campaign. Each advertising agency has a different creative summary model, depending on the needs of the product to be advertised.

No marketing model is so rigid that you can’t change. No marketing formula is so strict that any change is prohibited. Only the strategy guidelines should not change while the tactical guidelines in the form of a creative summary may change.

Creative Brief Example

Creative Brief Template

The Format of Creative Brief

Information in the creative brief usually includes:

  • Brand

It is an explanation of whether the brand is a new brand or a brand that has been in the market for a long time

  • Product knowledge

A brief description of the features contained in the product

  • Differentiation

The advantage that differentiates the product in question from its competitors

  • Target audience

Namely the segmentation referred to by a product to be advertised. Which group will be the target market for a product.

  • Know the target audience

understand very well how they think, act, behave. Observe their social patterns. Listen to how they talk. What makes them interested in hearing. What objects and colors can make them show their eyes. Our chance to win over consumers’ attention is in seconds!

  • SWOT analysis

The purpose of a SWOT analysis is to analyze a product in comparison with competitors’ products, as well as market conditions and trends.

  • Competitors

What products are the competitors of the products to be advertised. From there it can be seen what are the advantages and disadvantages of the product to be advertised and the products of its competitors. also be able to see what the last ad from that competitor looks like.

There are information about creative brief, hope this article is useful for you.