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The Importance of Customer List Template for Your Business

Collecting customer data is not just a necessity for staying connected with customers. In addition to communicating, having customer data can also be the foundation for future marketing strategies. The better data you have, the higher quality customers you will have. In addition, the development of your business is also at stake if your current customers do not have a big effect on the company.

Customers (customers) are the parties who buy our merchandise. Meanwhile, suppliers are parties who sell the merchandise we buy. Due to frequent transactions with suppliers and customers, a database should be created to store these customers and suppliers. This data will later relate to accounts payable (with suppliers) and accounts receivable (with customers).

To find out customer data, each company must collect information and store it in a database that can be used to carry out database marketing. Customer list template usually contains all customer names, addresses, transaction history, and even demographic and psychographic data (such as activities, interests, and opinions). If utilized optimally, this information can provide many benefits for the company.

Companies can rank their customers according to the last purchase, frequency and monetary value such as regency, monetary value and frequency and only send offers to customers with the highest transaction value. Database marketing is a process of building, maintaining, and using customer databases to transact and build relationships with customers.

Customer List Template Benefits

When starting a business or business, business people often feel confused about where to distribute their products. This is usually due to their unpreparedness in determining the target market. Another possibility is that these business people already have a large database, but it is not properly processed because they only focus on finding new customers and forget about existing or old customers. An accurate and complete customer list template can be likened to a powerful weapon for business people because a customer database has many benefits, including the following:

  1. Sales Directions

The customer database can be used as a sales direction so that the product can enter the right market. Sales activities will run quickly and efficiently if the sales force is equipped with a database of prospective customers who are the target market for your business.


  1. Review of Potential Market

A complete and accurate customer list template will greatly assist business people in determining market potential based on area or age group. Thus, business people can analyze the right product for the right buyer. If the sales potential in the targeted area is still low enough, then a promotional strategy that can boost business sales can be determined immediately.


  1. Save Customer Blacklist

As a businessman, don’t waste your time selling products to the wrong people. With the database that you have, you will find out which customers have problems in making buying and selling transactions. You can put a customer in the blacklist category for certain reasons, such as a fake customer or a customer who has a problem when making a payment.


  1. Analyze Sales

A good customer list template database will help businesses offer new products to new and existing customers. In addition, by using a customer database you can also analyze the causes of a decrease or increase in sales. Thus, you can immediately determine the strategy needed when sales decline.

Manage Customer List Template

If a businessman already has a customer database, then the next task is to communicate with customers personally so that there will be a closeness between the customer and your product. This one is the way to make customers more loyal to the products you offer.

The customer list template database has a vital role to play. With a database that is owned, every business or company can analyze to dig customer information. For example, looking for customer interests and preferences. Then to reduce the distance between businesses or companies and consumers, companies can provide the latest information about the products being sold, either by email, telephone, and so on.

Sample Customer List Template Database

Here is the item that you can put in the Customer list template:

  • Identity number
  • Customer name and address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Historical transactions
  • Purchase frequency Products purchased
  • Purchase Value Payment method
  • Points Given the importance of customer databases, managing the database for this purpose should not be done alone.

As a businessman, you can recruit dedicated staff to manage customer list template databases and create events or programs to maintain closeness with customers. For example, by giving congratulations on consumer birthdays, providing limited edition products for VIP customers, or forming a community. You can apply these methods to build closeness with customers. By providing a personal touch in communicating, it will make customers feel valued and become an important part of your business.

This is some information about the importance of customer databases that business people need to know. The importance of customer databases, if used to their full potential, can provide many benefits. As can save costs, provide special services for customers and encourage sales. To support the success of your business, use the help of an online accounting application.

The journal is simple online accounting software that is very proper for use by business people. Jurnal provides online accounting software services that are safe, reliable, and have complete features that can be tailored to your business needs. By using a Journal, you will find it easier and more flexible to access sales report data and do books customer list template anytime and anywhere.


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Customer List Template Using a CRM database

In the past, customer databases were usually stored in Microsoft Excel. Without any coordination on how to manage the data, often the same customer is contacted by different sales teams.

This makes customers feel annoyed and wastes company time. Annoyed customers can damage the company’s reputation.

Today, with a CRM database, companies can track existing prospects and customers whenever needed. CRM systems help minimize errors due to disorganized databases. CRM customer list template databases also make it easier for companies to manage orders and create tickets for customers.

This prevents errors in orders when done manually. There are detailed information of customer list template, hope this article is useful for you.