50 Decision Matrix Template & Detailed About Making Decisions Factors

Decision matrix template: A solution must be found for a problem, and a new solution will be effective when a decision has been made. Problem Solving Decision Making is a combination that is inseparable from one another, where a problem arises, that’s where there needs to be a solution that must be executed. Execution will run optimally when decisions have been made, so that solutions are not just a discourse on paper. This is why problem solving decision making will bind one another.

Related to decision making, there are several approaches that can be used as a basis for thinking in decision making, so that it is not only short term but also influential in the long term. Imagine if you got a vendor or for a work project, and from some of these vendor candidates it is necessary to decide who will be the winner to assist your project. And in making decisions, there will be several main things that must be considered, for example costs, length of work contract, service level and others. There are included in decision matrix template.

Decision Matrix

Definition Decision Matrix

The decision matrix is a decision structure depicted in the form of a comparison table between various alternative according on predetermined decision criteria. The benefit of Decision Matrix Analysis is that the selection of vendors will be very rational and full of consideration, and there will not be a burden in choosing decisions.

Decision Matrix Template


How to Use the Decision Matrix Template

In making use of this decision matrix template, make all choices in rows, and factor in column. Furthermore, it is necessary to give a weight scale for each choice with reference to the level of importance or not. This simple method will really help you in analyzing decision making. Create rows and columns associated with items to be assigned weights and values

The Factors that you think are necessary to be assessed include in that column.

Such as, if you are going to buy a hand-phone, the things that will be included in your choice and weight are processor speed, internal memory, hard drive, price, dimensions, and so on.

Give each item a value from 0 to 5

Each item will get the same potential value, so there is no data anomaly. May, you do not have a sufficient score for several items; assign it a value of 0.Decision matrix template can you make in Excel and PDF.

Do an analysis

Do an analysis of the most important factors in your decision making and give it a relative value between 0 to 5. This relative value is like a qualitative value, for example in choosing a laptop, will you give top priority to price, or on the processor. Thus, each item will have two values, namely a quantitative value (good / bad) and a qualitative value (important / not).

Perform the multiplication of each item’s value.

The quantitative number X the qualitative value. For the final result is the weighted value of each value item. This value will form the basis of your decision matrix template analysis.

You will make a decision on the product of each item.

The highest score is the decision you have to make. Maybe certain factors are more important to you than you initially thought.

Decision Matrix Analysis

The Function of Making Decision

Decision-making in decision matrix template, have some functions, namely as below:

  1. The starting point of all human activities that are conscious and directed both individually and in groups, both institutionally and organizationally.
  2. Something that is futuristic means that it relates to the future, where the effect or influence lasts quite a long time.

Decision Making Purpose and Components


The single purpose of decision making occurs when the resulting decision concerns only one problem, meaning that once it is decided, it has nothing to do with other problems.

Dual nature

A dual purpose of decision making occurs when the resulting decision concerns more than one problem, meaning that the decision taken simultaneously solves two (or more) contradictory or non-contradictory problems. This will affect the decision matrix template.

The elements or components of decision making are:

  1. The purpose of decision making
  2. Identification of alternative decisions to solve the problem
  3. Calculations regarding factors that cannot be known beforehand or beyond the reach of human
  4. Means or tools to evaluate or measure the results of a decision making

Several Things That Are the Basis for Making Decisions

There Are several things that are the basis for making decisions. Look at the following information:


Decision matrix template making is decision making based on subjective feelings. In making decisions based on this intrusion, even though the time used to make decisions is relatively short, the resulting decisions are often relatively poor because they often ignore other basic considerations.


Experiential decision making has benefits for practical knowledge, because with the experience a person has, he can predict the state of something, can calculate the pros and cons and the pros and cons of the resulting decision.


Decision making based on authority is usually carried out by the leader of his subordinates, or by a person with a higher position to someone who is lower in position. The results of decisions can last quite a long time and have authenticity (authentic), but can lead to routine characteristics, associate with dictatorial practices and often pass problems that should be solved so that it can cause confusion. This will give the result of decision matrix template.


Decision making based on empirical data and facts can provide sound, solid and good decisions. With the facts, the level of trust in decision makers can be higher, so that people can accept the decisions made willingly and gracefully.


In ratio based decision making, the resulting decisions are objective, logical, more transparent and consistent to maximize results or value within a certain constraint, so that it can be said to be close to the truth or in accordance with what is desired. This rational decision making is fully applicable under ideal circumstances. Decision matrix template will explained the result.

There is information about decision matrix template. Hope this article is useful for you.