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writing a demand letter for commercial correspondence sometimes is not easy. It is also a good idea for you if you want to show your demand to sellers. In case you need some demand letter temples and example you can check out this articles.

 Demand Letter for Commercial Correspondence

Commercial correspondence has a very important role in smoothing the relationship between sellers and buyers. Transactions that occur between sellers and buyers are generally carried out through commercial correspondence. One type of commercial letter that is important to initiate a buying and selling relationship is a request for quotation written by a prospective buyer to a potential seller. So you need to make a demand letter.

Requests from prospective buyers that are written through this request for quotation letters can then be responded to by the prospective seller so that the next transaction can occur.Because the role of a request for quote letter is quite important, it is also important to learn how to make a request for quotation letter as well as knowing examples of a good request for quote letter.

Understanding a Demand Letter

 The definition of demand letter is one type of commercial letter sent by a prospective buyer to a prospective seller, which contains a request for information regarding an item to be purchased. The desired information regarding the said goods can also be conveyed by means other than a request for quotation, namely by asking for a price list or a catalog which can be submitted via a letter requesting a price list.

In this demand letter, prospective buyers can write down what information is needed to be able to make a transaction. General information that is usually needed by prospective buyers, for example, a list of prices for goods, terms of payment, capacity or availability of goods, quality, maintenance methods, discounts and so on.

How to Make a Demand Letter

How to make a demand letter, should be preceded by compiling a precise and clear plan. This plan also needs to be written in full so that the seller can clearly capture what the prospective buyer wants. In making a demand letter, you should pay attention to the important points in the contents of the letter which are information about:

  1. The type of goods desired
  2. The number of items needed
  3. Quality with examples where possible
  4. Discounts
  5. Terms of delivery and payment

After knowing the contents of the demand letter to be conveyed clearly, a letter of request for quotation can be prepared. How to make a letter  should be guided by the following points, namely:

  1. Ask for a detailed description of the product needed.
  2. State clearly the reasons that drive why submit a request for quotation letter to the seller.
  3. Help the reader or the seller in providing what we need by showing all the data that has to do with the items needed.
  4. End the letter with kind words and show a mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties, for example with a thank you or appreciation.

In practice, prospective buyers generally make demand letter to be submitted to several companies at once. The making of many requests for quotations is intended to obtain the most favorable price quotes.

A good demand letter will contain in detail the contents and intent of the letter, namely regarding a request for goods complete with prices and details so that it is very easy to understand who we are sending the letter to, must also be clear and can be read in a language system that is standard and polite. What if our company is in need of certain goods or supplies of certain materials from other companies? Or our company is interested in advertisements or offers made by other companies. Of course our company must ask other companies to supply these goods. Then how do you do it?

Structure for Demand Letter

Before doing cooperation, surely each company will exchange letters as part of the process of cooperation. Likewise in the demand and supply of goods or services, which is usually one of the ongoing cooperation processes. But, it is obligatory to understand in advance the following tips for writing a  demand letter.

  1. Include letterhead

It is mandatory to include letterhead. So don’t forget to include the letterhead with the name, address, and phone or fax number of the company. By including these four things, the company we are aiming for will easily contact us later.

  1. Include the letterhead

If the letterhead of demand letter is an explanation of company data, then it is different from the letterhead which is an explanation of numbers, attachments, and pages on the letter. This will make it easier for the destination company to understand our intentions in sending the letter at a glance.

  1. Explain where the information can be

Not only the application letter must include where we get the job information from, but in the letter requesting a quote for goods and services must also include it. With the objective of the company knowing where the information was obtained, the company is successful in selling its goods and services.

  1. Write a polite and attractive closing letter

In terms of closing, don’t forget to write politely, but still interesting. Because the end of demand letter is not only about the cooperation relationship that will be carried out, but also about how we attract the attention of the target company to want to sell their goods to us and make a profitable cooperation.

  1. Giving greetings

So the last tips for writing a letter requesting supply of goods and services is to always give greetings, both at the beginning and at the end of the letter. Greetings are not only applied in real life, but in letters we still have to give greetings as our respect for the destination company.

Demand Letter

Demand Letter Sample

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Tips in Preparing a Demand Letter

 There are several tips that we can use to create a demand letter:

First, we must know the exact profile of the company we are going to ask to offer their goods. We must choose companies that are truly trusted and have proven quality so as not to have a negative impact on our company after we have ordered the item.

The second tip is to ask for as much detail as possible about this letter, for example regarding details on prices, specifications of the goods being offered, and other information that is important to know regarding the items to be offered.

The third tip, ask for samples of the items offered so that we know whether the goods really match what is being offered or not. This is to avoid the existence of fraud that has recently been rampant in the business world.

As an entrepreneur or leader of a company, we must be really thorough and careful in carrying out transaction steps for our company by demand letter. Because it concerns the future of the company we manage and the employees in our company.

There are information about demand letter, hopefully useful for you.