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How To Make Grant Proposal

In organizing an event, it certainly requires something called a fund. It is possible that the funds spent for an event are quite large while the capital owned is still very insufficient. You must be looking for a solution to how these funds can be met to organize an event. One solution is to seek aid in the form of grants or sponsorships. You can check out this article below if you want to make grant proposal.

However, obtaining these assistance funds is not just asking directly, but through a process first. For the initial stage you have to prepare a proposal for submitting funds to the company. Submitting a proposal to the company that will help with these funds is also not easy, you have to really convince the company that your event can also be profitable for the company. Usually this assistance can be in the form of money or equipment needed for events such as event brochures, decorations, tents, and others.

One of the factors that causes a request for funding to be approved is that the proposal you make can attract the attention of the company. Therefore, making grant proposal must not be arbitrary, it must use good words, careful calculations and an attractive design. In order to make it easier for you to make a funding proposal, you must know how to make it. Read the explanation and the steps for making a grant proposal below.

Definition of Grant Proposal

The definition of a proposal in general is a document that contains a systematic and detailed planned activity plan. Usually the making of a proposal is intended to explain to certain parties about an activity that will be carried out at a future date. Meanwhile, the proposal for funding assistance is a means of submitting funds for activities within the scope of village communities, schools and state institutions.This applies to every individual, organization, community for the sake of the activity.

Apart from providing funds for an activity, this proposal can also be used to apply for funds for business capital and community services.In a good and correct funding proposal, there are usually various details such as the purpose of submitting funds, the amount of funds submitted, and various other lists. In making it also must be clear and realistic, so that the person or company who is given a submission believes the grant proposal you sent.

Tips for Making a Grant Proposal

So that the proposal can be quickly approved by the sponsoring company, there are tips for making it. Submission of the content of the proposal must be informative and not wasteful using words. In addition, offer benefits that can attract the sponsorship company. Here are some tips for making a funding proposal:

Offer Profits

The company will not waste money without getting something in return for the action. Therefore, as the party submitting the grant proposal, you must submit an offer of the benefits that can be obtained by the sponsoring company. Even though it was still a plan, it didn’t matter. The reason is, experienced sponsorship companies can usually see the potential for profit exactly.

Show Performance

One of the important things you need to show when submitting a proposal for a business fund is performance. Sponsoring companies are generally always interested in businesses or businesses that are performing well and are stable. Well, this is what needs to be provided and conveyed properly and clearly through the contents of the proposal.

Upholding Openness

The sponsoring company that will support your business or event by providing venture capital must know important information related to the development of the business. The principle of openness really needs to be applied because investors are part of the business. Therefore, provide a clear and complete report from the start will support grant proposal.

Be Professional

Applications for funding should not promote emotions or feelings, but logic and professionalism. That is, do not expect the sponsoring company to be willing to help out of pity or compulsion. However, show the attitude that you are trustworthy and capable of making profits according to your ability.

Structure of Grant Proposal

After knowing some tips for making a grant proposal, the next thing is to know how to structure the proposal writing. Actually, the structure is almost the same as the usual proposal. To find out more about what the structure is, then consider the explanation below:


A brief description of the event, seminar or program to be implemented. This section needs to be explained in detail so that the sponsoring company reading it has a clear picture of the program it will support. Explain in words that are not confusing.


The format for submitting a grant proposal needs to draw a common thread between the programs organized on the reasons why it is necessary to ask for funds from other parties. In addition to receiving financial assistance, it also provides opportunities for other parties who have the same vision. This background presentation should refer to frequently encountered problems with evidence based on the data.

Purpose and objectives

This section can more clearly describe the requirements of submitting a request for funds. In addition, it is also necessary to describe what results are expected by submitting these funds. In this section, the statement of the aims and objectives must be clear.

Fund Budget

Perform correct and good calculations so that prospective funders can calculate what assistance is in accordance with the proposed program. Funds can be in the form of money and can also be in the form of items or other assistance in grant proposal.

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A summary of the purpose of the proposal and the expectations of the response from the reader of the proposal. Generally, the closing section will be grateful to the people who contributed to the success of the neatly planned event. There is information about how to make a grant proposal. Hope you can make a good proposal for your need by reading this article.