50 Implementation Plan Template & Example

In everyday life, you may often hear people say implementation. So, do you know what implementation is?For some people who are curious, they will definitely find out what implementation. Examples of sentences such as this second meeting intends to find a form of implementation of what was agreed upon first. For more information look at the article below.

Implementation is an activity carried out by planning and referring to certain rules to achieve the objectives of an activity. In essence, implementation can be carried out if there is already a plan or event concept to be carried out. The results of the implementation plan are expected to achieve the maximum goal and not disappoint those who are waiting for it. Finally, the implementation process focuses on the planning system or mechanism.

Definition of Implementation in General

The definitions above show that the word implementation refers to an activity, an action, an action, or a system mechanism. The expression mechanism implies that implementation is not limited to an activity.In every kinds of field you can apply implementation plan.

Therefore, implementation plan does not stand alone but is influenced by the next object, namely the curriculum.In fact, curriculum implementation according to Full an is a process of carrying out a new idea, program or set of activities in the hope that other people can accept and make changes.

In the context of curriculum implementation the approaches outlined above put emphasis on the process.The essence of implementation is a process, an activity that is used to transfer ideas / ideas, programs or expectations as outlined in the form of a design curriculum (recorded) so that it is carried out according to that design. Each of these approaches reflects a different level of process.

Implementation Plan Template

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Implementation Objectives

The purpose of implementation is to implement and realize the plans that have been compiled into tangible forms. This is because in compiling a plan the objectives to be achieved are also compiled. Thus, practical implementation plan can be said as a way to achieve related goals. In addition, the objective of technical implementation also means examining the implementation of the policies contained in the plans that have been prepared. Implementation is carried out in order to determine the extent of impacts and benefits that will be obtained by the community in the future from the plans that are being implemented.

Examples of Implementation Plan

If it is within the scope of the company, implementation can be observed from the way each person according to their position carries out their respective functions and work standards in the company related to the knowledge they have. For example, a reporter applies journalism knowledge that they can go to college while working in the editorial staff.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can feel an implementation plan from the way you manage human resources in your company. Are you concerned about their welfare? did you succeed in making the company’s system run smoothly until the company profits billions of rupiah. The extent to which you succeed in realizing the plan, in the activity of carrying out the plans that is what implementation lies.

System Implementation Plan

System implementation is carried out when the policy has been made, the next job is to organize, take leadership to lead the process and control the process. In detail, the activities in the management of policy implementation can be arranged through:

  • Strategy implementation
  • Organizing
  • Mobilization and leadership
  • Control
  • Implementation involves efforts by policy makers to change Lipsky’s so-called “street level bureaucrats” to provide services or regulate the behavior of target groups.

For simple policies, implementation  plan involves only one agency that acts as the implementer, for example, public infrastructure development policies to help people have better lives, And vice versa for macro policies, for example, policies to reduce poverty in rural areas, implementation efforts will involve various institutions, such as district bureaucracy, sub-district, village government. The success of policy implementation will be determined by the number of variables or aspects, and each of these variables is mutually related.

With the existence of policy implementation to organize, carry out leadership to carry out or to lead the process and carry out detailed process control. Policy implementation activities from strategy implementation, organization, leadership and control movements will run smoothly as desired.

Implementation Procedure

And organizing, namely formulating implementation plan procedures, which are laid out in the basic types of organizing, leading and arranging with several plans:

  • Organizational design and organizational structure.
  • Job division and job design.
  • Integration and coordination.
  • Recruitment and placement of human resources.
  • Rights, powers and obligations.
  • Delegation.
  • Development of organizational capabilities and human resource capabilities.
  • Organizational culture.
  • The next aspect is mobilization and leadership, namely allocating resources, adjusting implementation procedures to the resources used.

When policies in this phase are simultaneously given a discretionary foothold or space for individual implementers to choose their own autonomous actions within the limits of their authority when facing special conditions and apply the basic principles of good governance.

With some implementation plan:

  • Leadership effectiveness.
  • Motivation.
  • Norms.
  • Quality.
  • Teamwork.
  • Organizational communication.
  • Negotiations
  • The next aspect is control, namely managing the process by conducting a periodic monitoring process as well as several plans:
  1. Design controlling.
  2. Management information system.
  3. Monitoring.
  4. Cost or financial control.
  5. Audit.
  6. Principally, policy implementation is steps so that a single policy can achieve its goals.

Implementation Plan Example

Implementation of General Policies

To implement general policies, there are two choices of steps, namely directly implementing them in the form of programs or through derivative policy formulations or derivatives of the general policy.Implementation plan is an action to achieve the goals outlined in the policy provisions,the action is carried out either by individuals, government and private officials.

Based on this description, it can be concluded that implementation plan is a dynamic process, in which the executor of the policy carries out activities or activities, so that in the end they will get a result that is in accordance with the aims or objectives of the policy.

According to Hanifah Harsono in his book entitled Policy Implementation and Politics, he mentions his ideas about implementation or process as follows: Implementation is a process to put that policy into political policy action in the development of administrative policies in order to improve the program.

There are information about implementation plan, hope this article is useful for you.