35 Income Statement Sample (Template & Example)

In a company, it is necessary to have a report that can see how the state of the business flows in the company. All of that is very important in order to see the profits and losses that can be obtained from the company. For a further explanation of the income statement, see the following article.

The income statement is one of the financial statements that every company must make. Because this is a reference regarding the financial condition that occurred at that time. Not only that, this report must also be as detailed as possible if the company is a large or multinational company. This is intended if when an evaluation is carried out, the data description is more comprehensive and can be accounted for.

How To Make Income Statement For Your Business

The question is what is the income statement? To answer these questions, the following will explain the meaning of these financial statements in depth. Meanwhile, at the end, the function and format of the arrangement will be explained. Definition of Income Statement An income statement is a company’s financial report made by a certain financial sector. The content of this report is data on income as well as expenses borne by the company.

Usually income statement is made to explain the company’s financial condition in a certain period. Therefore, most reports are done at the end of the year or the end of the month, according to the provisions of the company. With this financial report, superiors can find out the latest financial condition of the company. So that the report can be used as a basis for evaluation for the next policy steps.

Income Statement Sample

Types Of Income Statement

If you look at the definition above, this report is a financial report prepared in full by a financial or accounting officer at a company which will later be used as a means of evaluating the supervisor’s policies for a certain period. From this conclusion it can be stated that this financial report must be well prepared. If there are errors in writing the numbers, of course the future policy direction is also wrong. Because there could be more losses than the company profits.

Types Single Step Income Statement

Statement A single step income statement or single step only shows one category of income and one category of expense. This format is less useful for external users because they cannot calculate efficiency and profitability ratios with limited data scope. This report is simple in nature, does not contain details of the financial turnover that occurred in the company and is usually used by startup companies.

Multiple Step Income Statement

In a multiple step or multi-step report, the accountant must separate the cost account into other accounts that are more relevant, more detailed and can be used based on their function. Cost of goods sold, operating and non-operating expenses are separated and used to calculate gross profit, operating profit and net income. This type of financial report is usually based on the standards used for financial reporting of large companies or companies that have many stakeholders, such as creditors and investors.

Income Statement Template

Income Statement Example

Form of Income Statement

The income statement is a report to measure the success of the company’s operations over a certain period of time. Usually investors use the income statement to determine the profitability and value of an investment. The income statement provides information to help investors and creditors to predict the amount of future cash flows. Some of the benefits of an income statement for investors and creditors include:

Evaluating company performance and checking income and expenses indicates how the company is doing and compares its performance with competitors. Provides a basis for predicting future performance. Information regarding past performance helps to provide information regarding future performance. Facilitate assess the chance or uncertainty of achieving future money flows.

Data on the elements of profit (income, expenses, profit and loss) tells the link between them. The results of continuous operations typically have a big influence in predicting future performance. The weather within the earnings report in income statement include:

  • Revenues, are inflows or will increase in different assets of a corporation throughout a definite amount because of delivery or production of products and finishing services.
  • Expenses, are outflows of assets or incurred liabilities during a period due to delivery or production of goods and completion of services.
  • Gains, is a rise in equity (net assets) because of coincident company transactions excluding those ensuing from financial gain or investment from the owner of the company.
  • Losses are a decrease in equity (net assets) due to coincidental company transactions activity other than those resulting from expenses or distribution to company owners.

Income Statement Function

The income statement must be made at the end of each month or the end of the year or based on intervals agreed by various parties, this is because there are special functions that are expected to arise from it if calculations are carried out periodically and on schedule. The following will explain what functions are meant:

To be used as material for financial evaluation

When the company has been running for a month or a year, there must be financial transactions there. Both those that generate losses and profits. Well, the accumulation of this financial total will be the company’s profit and loss in a certain month or year. If the finances are recorded in full with the transactions, the superior can clearly know the origin of the financial data. So that a more comprehensive calculation can be done during the evaluation later.

To Know Company Development

A growing company can be seen from the financial condition of the company. If the profit or profit is greater than the loss, of course the company’s future prospects will increase. Especially if this is accompanied by an increase in production equipment, human resources and others. Therefore, to know the company’s development, superiors must know the company’s profit and loss data. Therefore, an income statement is made that can be used as a benchmark for development or vice versa.

To Set Up Top Policy Steps

The third function of the income statement is to regulate the supervisor’s policy steps related to financing. If in the report, the most losses are due to non-working production equipment, then in the following year, it can be replaced with a more profitable application.

Likewise, if the one with a high profit from product A is not B, then in the following year, A’s production activities are more enhanced than the production of product B.

There are information about income statement. Hope this article is useful for you.