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Know More Detail about Offer Letter

 An offer letter is a letter from a seller to a potential buyer about offering some product. The contents are in the form of goods or services offers. In general, an offer letter is made because there is a request for a quote from a potential buyer. However, there is nothing wrong if the seller actively offers his merchandise so that it is more publicly known by making a public offer.

An offer letter, namely a letter written to show the intention of a company to establish a cooperative relationship with another company. This letter is usually used by distribution companies (distributors). Generally, offer letters are formal in form and clearly include details about the goods and prices being offered or will be sold to other companies as sub distributors.

The Content In The Offer Letter

In the offer letter, the advantages and disadvantages of the goods are explained by the company that will sell the goods, so that other companies are interested in ordering and buying the goods. But keep in mind, this offer letter is only to help sell the product, while what has an important role in the offer is the marketing completion section.

Offer Letter Function

The following are some of the functions of the offer letter:

  • Introducing products, for new products, of course, it will be very effective, where not many customers know about the new products or services that you have. ·         Promoting products, in addition to introducing, you can also provide attractive offers or discounts as a medium for promoting the goods and services you have.
  • Establish cooperation, cooperate with other companies is something that must be done by business entity owners, because the ultimate goal of such cooperation is to achieve the maximum possible income.
  • Expanding the Network, with the number of offer letters you send, the network you have will also be wider, because of the many offers you provide, of course there will be buyers, and it all depends on the strategy you are doing.
  • Increase Sales, the more products and your company are known, the more products and services will be sold. In order for your product to be widely known, then offering is one of the most appropriate ways.
  • Increase product marketing.
  • Forging cooperative relationships.
  • Expand the network.
  • Increase product marketing.
  • Forging cooperative relationships.
  • Expand the network.

The nature of the offer in the offer letter is as follows:

  • Free, if there is a price change, the seller does not need to notify.
  • Bound, if there is a change in price, the seller needs to notify.
  • Futures, offers that are temporary.

Things that need to be considered in making an offer letter

 The following are things that must be considered in writing an offer letter:

  • Name or type
  • Brand
  • total
  • Price
  • Discount
  • Quality
  • The nature of the offer
  • Terms of payment
  • Submission terms
  • Shipping way

Running a business or business entity, of course, has a high dependence on customers. Finding customers is not easy, and often business entities have to use a “pick-up” system.

If you have a shoe production business, of course there are many other companies that produce shoes. Thus, competition for customers will be difficult, depending on the strategies implemented by business actors.

In this case, the use of an offer letter is one way that can be done. You are the owner of goods or services, of course, it would be very suitable to send a price quote to potential buyers and establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

There are various functions of using an offer letter that can be felt by owners of goods or services, including for the company itself. For example, a product offer letter, serves to introduce and promote the product.

Purpose of Offer Letter

The offer letter has a purpose for both the seller and the prospective buyer. Basically, the purpose of an offer letter is to attract potential customers to your product or service. Therefore, you must be able to offer as much detail as possible. In this case, you can attach a catalog that contains a list of products and prices for all the products or services you have.

The more complete the information you provide, the sooner potential buyers will make the decision to buy or not. What if a prospective buyer decides not to buy? That’s why it is important to provide attractive offers, such as purchase discounts, for example.

But what is certain is that the purpose of this trade letter is to provide official offers to other companies and hope that your products are purchased or the services you offer them use. Well, here are some of the types of offer letters that we encounter very often and are often sought after by many people.

Maybe there are many types of offer letters that cannot be mentioned one by one here. But for more details, you can read in our article about an example of an offer letter that we posted earlier. Of course, every company will want high sales in order to get the maximum possible profit. So do not be surprised if this letter is very widely used by every company.

Offer Letter Example

Offer Letter Example 01
Example 01
Offer Letter Example 02
Example 02

Offer Letter Template

Offer Letter Template
Example 03

Job Offer Letter Example

Job Offer Letter Example
Letter Offer Example 04
Offer Letter Example 05
Letter Offer Example 05
Offer Letter Example 06
Letter Offer Example 06
Offer Letter Example 07
Letter Offer Example 07

Sample Offer Letter For Paid Intern

Sample Offer Letter For Paid Intern
Letter Offer Example 08
Offer Letter Example 09
Letter Offer Example 09
Offer Letter Example 10
Letter Offer Example 10
Offer Letter Example 11
Letter Offer Example 11
Offer Letter Example 12
Letter Offer Example 12
Offer Letter Example 13
Offer Letter Example 13
Offer Letter Example 14
Letter Offer Example 14

Sample Employment Offer Letter


Offer Letter Example 15
Letter Offer Example 15
Offer Letter Example 16
Letter Offer Example 16
Offer Letter Example 17
Letter Offer Example 17
Offer Letter Example 18
Letter Offer Example 18
Offer Letter Example 19
Offer Letter Example 19
Offer Letter Example 20
Letter Offer Example 20
Offer Letter Example 21
Offer Letter Example 21
Offer Letter Example 22
Letter Offer Example 22
Offer Letter Example 23
Letter Offer Example 23
Offer Letter Example 24
Letter Offer Example 24

Letter Of Offer Example

Letter Of Offer Example
Letter Offer Example 25
Offer Letter Example 26
Letter Offer Example 26
Offer Letter Example 27
Letter Offer Example 27

Sample Unpaid Internship Offer Letter

Sample Unpaid Internship Offer Letter
Letter Offer Example 28
Offer Letter Example 29
Letter Offer Example 29
Offer Letter Example 30
Letter Offer Example 30
Offer Letter Example 31
Letter Offer Example 31

Offer Letter to Purchase Real Estate

Offer Letter to Purchase Real Estate
Letter Offer Example 32

Internship Offer Letter Example

Internship Offer Letter Example
Letter Offer Example 33
Offer Letter Example 34
Letter Offer Example 34
Offer Letter Example 35
Letter Offer Example 35
Offer Letter Example 36
Letter Offer Example 36

Sample Letter Offering the Job

Sample Letter Offering the Job
Letter Offer Example 37
Offer Letter Example 38
Letter Offer Example 38

Employment Offer Worksheet

Employment Offer Worksheet
Letter Offer Example 39

Sample Offer Of Suitable Employment

Sample Offer Of Suitable Employment
Letter Offer Example 40
Offer Letter Example 41
Letter Offer Example 41
Offer Letter Example 42
Letter Offer Example 42
Offer Letter Example 43
Letter Offer Example 43
Offer Letter Example 44
Letter Offer Example 44


If you have frequently made offers, of course, you are no stranger to asking about offer letters. This can happen if two parties are involved. So an offer letter is a letter addressed to both sellers and potential buyers.

The content itself includes the marketing of goods or services. The offer itself is made because of a request for a bid from a prospective buyer. However, what needs to be underlined is that sellers can always be active to offer their wares. Because when these goods are widely known, there will be a large income.

An offer letter can also be called a written letter, the existence of this letter aims to establish a relationship to work together. Usually those who often use offer letters are companies that run in the distributor field.

The offer letter is usually in a formal form, for the contents it must be clear what the details of the goods are and also the price to be offered or sold with the sub-distributor. Therefore a company must be careful and observant when it comes to submitting an offer letter if you don’t want to experience losses.