30 Amazing Petition Template

A petition template is a form of statement submitted to the government asking the government to take action on a matter. The right to petition lies with citizens and also government agencies, such as municipalities, districts and provinces so that the central government defends or fights for their regional interests.

Petition also means an official written document submitted to the authorities for the approval of that party. Typically, it is signed by several people, indicating that a large group of people support the request contained in the document. In some countries, the right of people to petition is protected by law. The country has a legal system based on the British legal system.

Politically, petitions can be used to gain support for voting in some countries on the assumption that enough people signed the letters of support. Petitions can also be used to repeal laws or to alert elected officials. In other cases, petitions can be used to submit community requests. For example a group of people who want a park for dogs can create a petition and bring the petition to a board meeting.

From society causing environmental and political problems, people have advocates that they feel strongly about and the aim of petition. This is the way of giving voice to community, advocacy, moving leader’s something about. Petition is a request that is signed by multiple individuals, also usually addressed to a public official or leader.

Tips to Make Petition Template

Is there a problem in your community, region or country ? You can write a petition. Petitions can change the world if they are well thought out and written. You may already have the moves and strategy in your head, but here are a few tips to help you write an unbeatable petition.

Researching Movement Image titled in Make Petition
Ensure that movement falls under the jurisdiction of the government. Contact the administrative office in and the government and check the local government website. You may need to petition at the provincial or state level. Ask the officer to direct you to the department that manages your movement. Then ask for a guide to petition.

Search for many signatures are required.
This is very important. Your hard work will end badly if you manage to get 1,000 signatures, but it turns out that it takes 2,000 signatures. See also whether your petition requires permission to circulate or not.

Get to know how to get community signatures to make petitions valid.
If you’re trying to add a name to a petition, and the law says you must include an address to each name, ask your signatories to fill out this information.

Research the topic so that you can fully understand the various positions.
Researching your topic is a good way to find out if anyone else has petitioned the same issue.

Online Petition Template

In the past, people often held demonstrations to ask the government to take action. Now, to ask the government to take action, people only need to make an online petition. What is an online petition? A statement submitted to the government so that the government is willing to take action on something. However, the statement was conveyed online or using internet access.

How to Make an Online Petition

1. Open the Change.org website.
2. Register by clicking enter.
3. Click start petition after successful registration.
4. Write a title for your petition in step one.
5. Enter the decision maker (related institution)
6. Describe the problem as well as the solution.
7. After that, please fill in your profile.
8. Fill in the photo as directed by Change.
9. Before publishing the petition, you can re-edit it.
10. After the petition is published, don’t forget to share the link on social media.
11. The process is complete.

If you want to make a petition, then make sure the petition you create is useful for the community. Even if your petition is personal, make sure it is something important to your life.

Are Online Petitions Effective?

The online petition has won several cases , for example :
1. Canceled remission of journalist killers.
2. Plastic bags are not free.
3. The controversial article of the MD3 Law which was canceled.

The data above is taken from the Change website, and that is only part of it. From the four data above, we can draw the conclusion that online petitions are much more effective than demonstrations.

Currently, petitions have also been made in several cases that are currently being discussed, including:
1.Immediately resolve the Audrey case.
2. Do not pay corruptors.

How do online petitions work, especially Change? Every time a signature is affixed to a petition, the Change.org website will automatically create an electronic mail on behalf of the supporters and send it to policy-making officials.

Imagine if there were 100 thousand signatures, of course the e-mails addressed to policymakers would tire them out, so they inevitably had to take action against the cases being complained of. Very extraordinary, right?

How to Win Online Petitions?

To win the online petition that you created, please refer to tips from Jennifer Dulski, COO of Change.org.
Here are the tips:
1. Start the petition with a personal story.
2. Upload a photo or video on the petition.
3. Find the targets that are most influential in changing the policy.
4. Pass the petition around, and ask others to pass it on too.
5. Notify the media so that the petition is known to many people.

And what you should know is that online petitions in many countries still don’t have a legal umbrella. This means that petitions addressed to the government or related policy maker can simply be ignored.

What About Other Countries?

In other countries such as the United States, the petition is accommodated directly by the government and will take action when it is signed by 100,000 people.

In England,it is almost the same as the United States. It’s just that what distinguishes Britain from the United States is the number of signatures. In the UK it only requires 10 thousand signatures.


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