48 Reflective Essay Example

As students or scholars, we will never be separated from writing activities. Likewise writing, we are also introduced to and get to know various types of writing. One of them is the type of essay writing. Essays themselves have many types, one of which will be discussed in detail in this review, namely reflective essays.

Every type of essay writing, of course, has several characteristics that sometimes you don’t know. The characteristics referred to include definitions, characteristics and examples. In this case, the author limits the discussion about the meaning, characteristics and examples of reflective essays we deliberately present to help provide information to friends, of course.

Definition of Essay

Before you know what a reflective essay is, it would be nice for you to know what an essay is in general. Essay is a short written work of a person’s perspective or way of dealing with a particular problem. It can be concluded, Essay is a type of scientific writing about a person’s opinion on an actual topic in a particular society or community.An essay is a little different from an editorial in a newspaper. The difference between essays and editorials lies in the limitations of the author’s identity where the editorial can only be written by the head of the office, while essays are free to be written by whoever the person is.

Reflective Essay

The reflective essay is an essay written as a reflection (reflecting on) economic, political, government regulation and other important issues which have been written by many other writers in various written formats. In another sense, an essay is a written work in the form of an opinion or someone’s opinion on a problem that is being discussed a lot or attracts the attention of the essay writer. An essay is similar to an editorial in a newspaper, but slightly different. If an editorial can only be written by the editor-in-chief, the essay can be written by anyone.

Features of a Reflective Essay

The characteristics of a reflective essay include:

  • Has an actual topic (usually includes; economics, politics, other issues)
  • Emphasizes a persuasive approach in his discussion
  • Has a distinctive language style (opens space for logical thinking)
  • End with an imaginative conclusion

How to Make an Essay

How to make a reflective essay, among others, is as follows:

  • Determine the actual theme or topic (as described above).
  • Outline the ideas that will be discussed.
  • Write your opinion as a writer in short and clear sentences
  • Writing body essays; start by sorting out the important points to be discussed, then make some sub-themes (optional) for the discussion so that the reader can more easily understand the meaning of the idea, then develop the sub-themes that have been previously made.
  • Make the first paragraph as an introduction (stimulation or background in writing essays).
  • Make conclusions.

That’s what we can present friends about the meaning, characteristics and examples of reflective essays, don’t forget to give your best comments in the comments column below, don’t forget to share so that other friends can also benefit from this post. Happy reading, hope it is useful.

Reflective Essay Example

Characteristics of an Essay

In general, a work can be classified into an essay, included reflective essay, if it has the following characteristics:

Short essay

An essay is a type of prose which is a literary work in the form of writing. Essays are written or written in a number of short sentences (short) because the content is a concise and clear study.

Has a Typical Language

Essays can be written by anyone who thinks of a problem or raises a problem to be discussed, so that the essay has a unique style according to the character of the writer.

Types of Essays

Types or kinds of essays can be divided into several kinds or categories. This is based on the analytical skills also needed in writing essays, the variety of problems that arise. Here are some types or types of essays, including:


Is a type of essay that describes a person or object “subject or object” that catches the author’s attention. The objects that are described in this type of essay can be in the form of houses, animals, and so on. The essence of this type of essay is that the writer describes an object that catches his attention.


Is a type of essay that is usually published in newspapers. This type of essay discusses issues that are developing in society such as “politics, government policies and so on”. Editorial essays are often published in the opinion / opinion column which is a forum for aspirations from the community to express their views on current issues. Not only political policies, editorial essays can be in the form of fashion or other things. Adjusted to the type of newspaper such as newspapers, automotive magazines, fashion and so on.


In this type of essay it is possible for a writer to explain a cut or a snippet of someone’s character related to the issue to the reader. This essay does not write a person’s story or a biography, it’s just that the writer reveals a piece of the character that is in the characters involved in the story or the issue in the essay.


It is almost similar to a character essay, but in a personal essay, the essay writer tells about himself in the essay. The writer clearly expresses his opinion on the issue that catches his attention.


Is an essay written to reflect on a political issue, government policy, and other important issues that are often written by a scholar in response to existing issues. It is called reflective essay.


Is a type of essay that contains a criticism of a “work of art”.

Reflective Essay Template

Reflective Essay Sample

Format and Structure For an Essay

Although there is no specific format for writing essays, essay writing can be classified into sections, namely:

First: In the “first” part, the writer explains the background of a problem.

Middle: This section contains information related to the issue and the author’s opinion.

End: This is the final part or conclusion of the author’s views on the issue being discussed. Some authors present their observations or research in this final section.

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