50 Free Sales Letter Example in Detail

Sales letter example is a writing containing a sentence that promotes a product with the intention that the recipient of the letter is interested in buying the product. Sales letters are one of the selected forms of advertising to certain consumers or potential customers.

This means that only people to whom this letter is sent will receive information from the company or organization Sales letters must be designed as attractive as possible so that potential customers are interested in deciding to buy a product. If you get feedback from potential consumers, the sales letter can be said to be good.

Purpose of Sales Letter

The purpose of the sales letters is to persuade consumers (letter recipients) to the goods or services offered by the company specifically. Sales letters are designed to ensure that prospective customers are committed to becoming customers, often sales letters are attached with blank forms, answer cards, etc. which are considered to bring feedback from customers.

In order for the sales letter to arouse the recipient’s interest in having the desire to buy, the letter should include the following:

  1. Build the reader’s interest to follow coherently with the contents of the letter
  2. The contents of the letter have a tone of convincing the reader.
  3. Create the desire to ask further questions about the goods or services offered by providing a sales contact person accompanied by an address and telephone number, take the action of ordering or trying the products or services offered

Sales are activities or businesses in selling products or services. Sales activity is very important for the company, especially for profit. The definition of selling in general is a buying and selling activity carried out by two or more parties with a valid payment instrument. This sale can be done by various methods, such as direct selling and sales agents. The main purpose of sales is to make a profit from the product or goods being sold. In practice, sales cannot be made without contributions from working actors, such as traders, agents and marketing personnel.

Sales Letter Example

Sales Letter Example 01
Sales Letter Example 01

Sample Sales Letter for Pizza

Sample Sales Letter for Pizza

Consulting sales letter

Consulting sales letter


Sales Proposal Letter

Sales Proposal Letter

Dental Sales Letter

Sales Letter Example 05
Sales Letter Example 05


Sales Promotion Letter on shoes

Sales Promotion Letter on shoes
Sales Letter Example 06


Sales Letter Notification of New Product

Sales Letter Notification of New Product
Sales Letter Example 07
Sales Letter Example 08
Sales Letter Example 08
Sales Letter Example 09
Sales Letter Example 09

Sample Sales Letter to Customers

Sample Sales Letter to Customers
Letter Of Sales Example 10
Sales Letter Example 11
Letter Of Sales Example 11
Sales Letter Example 12
Letter Of Sales Example 12
Sales Letter Example 13
Letter Of Sales Example 13
Sales Letter Example 14
Letter Of Sales Example 14
Sales Letter Example 15
Letter Of Sales Example 15
Sales Letter Example 16
Letter Of Sales Example 16

Example of Small Firm Letter to CPA’s

Example of Small Firm Letter to CPA's
Letter Of Sales Example 17
Sales Letter Example 18
Letter Of Sales Example 18
Sales Letter Example 19
Letter Of Sales Example 19

Sample Letter for Group Sales

Sample Letter for Group Sales
Letter Of Sales Example 20
Sales Letter Example 21
Letter Of Sales Example 21

Sample Short Sales Letter

Sample Short Sales Letter
Letter Of Sales Example 22
Sales Letter Example 23
Letter Of Sales Example 23
Sales Letter Example 24
Letter Of Sales Example 24
Sales Letter Example 25
Letter Of Sales Example 25

Sales Letter And Declaration

Sales Letter And Declaration
Letter Of Sales Example 26

Sales Letter Assignment

Sales Letter Assignment
Letter Of Sales Example 27
Sales Letter Example 28
Letter Of Sales Example 28
Sales Letter Example 29
Letter Of Sales Example 29
Sales Letter Example 30
Letter Of Sales Example 30
Sales Letter Example 31
Letter Of Sales Example 31
Sales Letter Example 32
Letter Of Sales Example 32
Sales Letter Example 33
Letter Of Sales Example 33
Sales Letter Example 34
Letter Of Sales Example 34

Sample Product Sales Letter And Letter of Inquiry

Sample Product Sales Letter And Letter of Inquiry
Letter Of Sales Example 35
Sales Letter Example 36
Sales Letter Example 36
Sales Letter Example 37
Letter Of Sales Example 37
Sales Letter Example 38
Letter Of Sales Example 38
Sales Letter Example 39
Letter Of Sales Example 39

Advertising Sales Letter Template

Advertising Sales Letter Template
Letter Of Sales Example 40
Sales Letter Example 41
Letter Of Sales Example 41
Sales Letter Example 42
Letter Of Sales Example 42
Sales Letter Example 43
Letter Of Sales Example 43
Sales Letter Example 44
Letter Of Sales Example 44
Sales Letter Example 45
Letter Of Sales Example 45
Sales Letter Example 46
Letter Of Sales Example 46
Sales Letter Example 47
Letter Of Sales Example 47
Sales Letter Example 48
Letter Of Sales Example 48
Sales Letter Example 49
Letter Of Sales Example 49
Sales Letter Example 50
Letter Of Sales Example 50

Purpose of Company Sales

Sales are made with various purposes that are important to your business or company, including:

Getting Sales Volume

Every company has a sales goal to achieve. The number of company sales is certainly expected to increase every month or year to help improve business performance.

Making Profit

The main purpose of selling is to get a profit or profit from the products sold. With good management, your company or business will get a large profit and get regular customers (loyal customers).

Supporting Company Growth

If the company reaches the sales target set, of course, your business will grow quickly. This is also assisted by an increase in the performance of the company as a distributor in ensuring the quality of goods sold.

What is Sales Activities

Sales activities (sales) only focus on selling products and increasing sales. Meanwhile, marketing activities include all systems in business with a longer and more complex process. The sales process is only one part of the promotion, so it does not pay attention to other factors that support marketing.

A salesperson does not focus on the product’s brand image, but rather emphasizes how to get consumers to be interested and buy the product. Meanwhile, marketing is required to always maintain the product’s brand image, so that consumers decide to buy products because they already know the quality and brand image of the product.

The relationship between sales and consumers is limited to the buying and selling transaction process. After that, sales are no longer in touch with consumers. Meanwhile, marketing and consumer relations must be maintained from before the transaction until the transaction is completed in order to maintain consumer loyalty.

A company cannot win market competition if it only relies on sales. Sales themselves cannot run well if they are not supported by a good marketing strategy. Every company can make sales, but not every company can plan a marketing strategy that can meet the needs and desires of its consumers.

Forms of Sales

To realize greater approximately Sales Letter, you want to know element approximately sales. Right here also are types of sales, namely:

Cash sales

This sale is coins and convey way, in which income typically arise in coins and bills from consumers for a month are taken into consideration coins. This sale takes place after there may be a charge settlement among the vendor and the purchaser.

Credit sales

This sale consists of non-coins with a positive grace length which averaged over a month.

Tender Sales

Sales are performed via a soft process to meet the request of the purchaser who opens the sof

Wholesale Sales

Indirect income to consumers via middleman investors who’re intermediaries for factories or importers with retailers.

Export Sales

This sale is performed with the foreign places purchaser, uploading items the use of a letter of credit score facility.

Consignment sales

Sales of entrusted items to consumers who also are sellers. If the object isn’t sold, the object may be again to the vendor.

The Differences use of Sales Invoice and  Sales Letter

The uses of the sales invoice itself are attached in the following: For information on goods / services purchased by customers.

This information is intended as written physical evidence of the quantity and price of the goods actually issued. For information on invoice value and payment terms to be paid by customers

This information can also help the company to collect how much it should charge. Customers can repair goods / services and / or the value purchased if what is listed does not match the order. Valid evidence if the goods / services listed will be sold again to other parties.

The point is when this company is a distributor company where he will buy from a supplier and will be sold again to a third party, now this sales invoice will help to determine the cost of goods sold. Valid evidence to enter transactions into financial books.


Sales letter is a writing containing a sentence that promotes a product with the intention that the recipient of the letter is interested in buying the product. Sales letters are one of the selected forms of advertising to certain consumers or potential customers.