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Know More About Sponsorship Letter Proposal

A sponsorship letter is a letter as financial / financial support or other forms of support so that the party receiving the sponsorship can experience positive benefits such as stronger and better finances. In addition to the many benefits obtained by the recipient of the sponsor. Sponsorship activities are also very useful for those who provide sponsorship funds. The main benefit that the sponsor will definitely feel is the recognition of the products or services they produce by the audience who come to see the event.

Most of you already know or at least have heard of the word proposal. Yes, if interpreted simply, then a proposal is an activity or event design made in writing and in detail. In this case, proposals are often used when carrying out an activity or a certain event.

But actually the definition of a proposal is not that narrow. Proposals can also be used as proposals for cooperation with other parties or to other companies. However, what we most often encounter are those related to an activity, and with the aim of requesting financial assistance or sponsorship from other parties. So it can be concluded that the cover letter for the proposal is part of the application letter that can be used by various parties.

One type of official letter is usually used by the parties who are the committee of an event. And the proposal from the event will probably need to be submitted to another party, which is necessary to use a proposal cover letter. So, you can’t just give a proposal to someone else, but you have to use a proposal cover letter.

The Reason to Make Sponsorship Letter Proposal

However, even though sponsorship provides positive benefits to the sponsoring party. There were also sponsorship activities that failed and did not have a positive impact on the parties who provided the funds. There are three reasons why sponsorship activities do not have a positive impact.

Randomly choosing the activities to be sponsored

The first reason is that the party who owns the funds chooses the event or event they will sponsor. Usually sponsors do not have a mature marketing strategy so that the event or event they choose is cheap but does not provide significant benefits for the sustainability of their product or service.

Not supported by other media

The second reason that makes sponsorship activities ineffective is the absence of strong support from other media. For example, sponsors only provide support for certain events such as sporting events. So that the effectiveness of the sponsorship is not optimal and it will be better if it is integrated with various other promotional media. The goal is clear so that sponsorship funds can be more optimal when done.

Lack of continuity

The last reason is the lack of continuity when providing sponsorship. This means that the sponsor only carries out sponsorship activities at certain times and is not continued at a later date. Even though the sponsorship effect can be felt beneficial when it is carried out continuously or continuously.

In fact, if the sponsor is able to plan its sponsorship activities optimally, there will be many parties that have the potential to become targets for the sponsorship activities carried out. The first party is the participants who are actively involved directly with the sponsor, for example football players and sponsor employees when sponsoring soccer events.
The second target is the audience who attend and come to the sponsored event or event. And the last group is the media group that follows the event, such as television media broadcasting events or events.

These groups are potential targets that sponsors can get if they are able to devise a good sponsorship strategy and do not just find events that are cheap but do not have any impact. By knowing the things above, only now do we get into the main discussion about the purpose of sponsorship and why there are many parties who are willing to pay expensive fees just to be able to


Sponsorship Letter Proposal 29
Sponsorship Letter Proposal 29

Sponsorship Objectives

In general, there are 3 main sponsorship goals which include advertising goals, public relations goals, and marketing objectives.

Alternative advertising

The first discussion is the advertising objectives obtained through sponsorship activities. This means that the sponsor when sponsoring an event can advertise a product that they cannot advertise in certain media or to add advertising channels and additional markets that they are targeting.

Reach a wide audience

The main goal of sponsorship is so that the targeted market can see the products or services they offer. In the sense that the target market has the potential to use the products they will produce, not just seeing.

For example, just an advertisement on television where a lot of people see the product or service that we are going to offer. However, the number of people who see it cannot necessarily be converted into transactions. This is because advertisements on television media do not specifically target a particular market because there are a lot of people from children to adults using television as a medium of entertainment.

So that producers of products or services can target specific targets, they carry out sponsorship activities

Marketing Purpose

The agents or distributors are the parties who distribute products owned by the company. When the product is new or so that many people use the product, sponsorship activities are also carried out by the company. The sponsorship activities carried out are expected to increase demand for products and indirectly help distributors increase their sales.
Opening a new branch Sponsorship activities are also very important when a company is about to open a branch in a new place. This is because when the sponsorship is carried out, the public will be more aware of the products produced by the company. So that when the branch opens, the community will already know the name of the company and promotional activities can be lighter to do in the future.
The last objective is sponsorship activities carried out with the aim of more customers using the products the company offers. In this case, it is very clear that the company wants more and more transaction conversions to occur for the products they offer