43 Two Weeks Notice Letter Template & Example

Having a job should be something that we are grateful for, especially many people who still find it difficult to find work.But after all, things that happen in the company can make you no longer comfortable with the job you are currently doing. And you want to get another job. So you need to think about two weeks notice letter. Look at the following article if you need more information.

Your boss doesn’t appreciate it, the work environment is negative, the workplace is too far away, your work doesn’t match your passion, and so on.Because of these things, you start thinking about resigning and looking for a new job elsewhere. So you need to write two weeks notice letter.

Types of Resignation Letter

They Are Types of Resignation Letter :

One Month Notice

As the name implies, one month notice means a month’s notice before you officially resign from your place of work.Notifying one month in advance means that you give your boss where you work to find someone else to replace your position.If they get the right replacement in less than one month, you can participate in helping them understand the duties and responsibilities that will be carried out after you leave.As such, a one month notice is a fairly standard withdrawal in workplaces.

Two-Weeks’ Notice

Next, there is also a two weeks notice letter, which is letter of resignation from work at a company made 2 weeks before the date you resign.From the name, it is known that a resignation letter is a form of statement of resigning or leaving a job that is owned. In addition to resigning from a job that has been occupied, they can also resign or leave activities that have been carried out previously.

The resignation statement must be in writing formally and will blame the rules if it is stated orally. Because verbal statements are considered informal and impolite, statements of leaving or resigning are always addressed to superiors or those who are in charge of employee issues or often referred to as Human Resource Development or HRD.

Two Weeks Notice Letter

Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

Purpose of Resignation Letter

Making a resignation letter such as two weeks notice letter is chosen as a form of statement that the employee or someone is sure to leave their scope of work. In making the resignation letter must have content and logical reasons for deciding this action. Because this is a big decision made by that person.The purpose of making a resignation letter is, among others

  • In order to keep looking professional at work
  • A notification regarding a resignation letter will show professionalism at work. When leaving a job, it is inappropriate for an employee to just disappear without a process of excuse or resignation.
  • By giving a resignation letter, of course, will show a sense of politeness and manners, and show that you still have respect by not disappearing without news.
  • So that the company can find new employees. Having clarity regarding the resignation letter will certainly make it easier for the company to know the status of the employee and be able to immediately find a new replacement. It could be that the vacant employee position is an important position that must be replaced immediately because it will affect the process of company work.
  • Provide employee information.

The resignation letter shows that the letter can be used as a termination of the work process owned by the employee by showing the status of no longer working. It can also be information that the employee is no longer entitled to deal with the work he had previously done.

Two Weeks Notice Letter Example

Two Weeks Notice Letter Sample

How To Write 2 Weeks Notice Letter

When you officially resign, you should express that wish through a resignation letter.Abstinence to suddenly leave without “saying goodbye” first with your boss where you work.In accordance with the time period determined by your company at the time of resigning, it is within that time period that you can submit the two weeks notice letter.Another function of the  is also to maintain your good relationship with your superiors and also your co-workers in the company you are going to leave.Maintaining a good relationship is important, you know, who knows in the future you will come back to “bump” with them.

Everyone dreams of working in a dream company. Some people succeed in achieving their dreams, but not a few are forced to veer away from what was planned. Working in a dream company or not, sometimes we feel bored and want to try new jobs and challenges at other companies.If you also feel the same way, then you need a resignation letter.

In order to be well received by the company, there are a number of rules that you must understand about a resign letter. Even though you are going to separate, you must maintain good relationships in order to maintain a good name and connections in the world of work. Therefore, here are the elements in a good and polite of a two weeks notice letter.

Logical Goals

Briefly, concisely, and clearly explain your reasons for resigning from an agency. No need to explain the reasons in length. The company only needs to know your reasons for resigning, not your life plan in 5 years.

Choice of Polite Words

Compose your words so they sound polite and respectful in two weeks notice letter. Not because you are leaving the company where you work, you are free to speak whatever you want Remember, connections in the world of work are very important. Having a good reputation in a company can be a stepping stone for your future career.


In the sample letter of resignation from employment, the name, address and position must be stated. Its function is as company data and more detailed information.

Say Thank You

The next element that must be included in the sample work two weeks notice letter is a thank you note. In the second paragraph after explaining the reasons for resigning, don’t forget to say thank you for being given the opportunity to work for the company that is sheltering you. These points will make you appear more professional and humble, so that the company will feel more reluctant.

Say “Sorry”

Apart from saying thank you, you also need to include an apology if during work there are still some unfinished tasks. You can also apologize if you have made a mistake intentionally or unintentionally.

There are information about two weeks notice letter. Hope this article is useful for you.